Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Little French Riviera Box (June)

Sawasdee ka~

"This is my happy place"

Early on this month (June) I got an email from My Little Box that the box will arrive a little bit late due to some technical problem. I normally receive it on the 10th-ish of every month but this month I got it on the 20th. So I have high hope that there might be something extra special inside the box. This is my second time I review My little box and I promise I will do it every month from now on (until I unsubscribe it).

Again within the box you will get 3 beauty products, 2 lifestyle-related products, one card and my little world magazine. To be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed that there isn't anything extra special in the box. However, I still quite like the overall look. This month box comes in blue theme that will go really with this the heat in UK at the moment.  This box crated by Sarah Lavoine, a French interior designer. I also did a bit of googling about her and found her works. She is a good creative with chic and modern yet simple product design.
So firstly let's talk about things I don't like about this box. It is a large folded piece of paper which makes it very hard to read. If I don't get it wrong, the magazine has change to this design since April. I love reading magazine but to my disappointment I didn't want to even open this as it is too big. Please bring back a classic magazine page design :(

Another items that I kinda unsure whether to love or hate them. This planter duo comes in 2 size small and large. Although it has been suggested that I could use it to store my makeup but in my opinion it's stable enough to hold all my makeup without falling.  So I use the small one for my basil plant but I still have no idea what to do with the big one. Being designed by an interior designer I have to say they got a very cute though.

This chic retro style sunglasses is almost good. I got it in brown colour. I actually love the design but unfortunate when I wear it it made I eyes go weird :/
Last of all the beauty products, one of which I have already used and love <3 I adore this nail polish so much. It is such a gorgeous pop bright colour. It is dry really quick and stay on for ages with chipping. Another 2 products, sea salt scrub and Keratase resurfacing strengthening milk, I'm planing to use it soon. May be tonight :)

Overall, although sunglasses and a planter duo are a bit meh for me but at least all the beauty products can cheer me up a bit. I also love the theme and how all the items have been incorporated really well though. So for people that interested in this box, My Little Box costs £11 a month (+£3.95 postage). You can sign up here.

What do you think of the items included?


Friday, 26 June 2015

SWATCHES & REVIEW : Luxola Thailand with Promo code

 Sawasdee ka~

First of all I have to say sorry that this post might not be for everyone. It's for someone that lives in Thailand or visit Thailand for at least a few days. I believe that most of girls in Thailand heard about website called Luxola before. For some of you that might not have heard about this website before. Let’s me introduce you a little about it. It provides wide range of makeup and skincare. The head quarter is in Singapore and good news is Luxola.co.th has just launched in Thailand around the beginning of this year! The best thing about this website is it’s often do promotion on popular brand including Illamasqua, Anna Sui, TheBalm, Alpha H etc.
Two months ago I was invited to try out this new website and share my thoughts about about it. It was a great time as I planed to visit Thailand as well. I went there last week (15th June - 23rd June) but with a tight schedule I didn’t really have  time to go shopping outside. This is why shopping online is the best solution for shopaholic girl like me hahaha. I'm quite a regular online shopper when I’m in UK but shopping online is a new thing in Thailand although I’m a bit sceptical I'm also eager to try it out as well.

So here is my thought. First of all, I’m so impress about the website as it’s sooooo easy to use with nice and clean design. What you have to do is only click “add to basket” on item that you like. Luxola Thailand also has a number of payment method such as credit card, debit card, Paypal and cash on arrival. They also promise that you will have your order within one working day if you order before 3pm (GMT+7). I guess next day delivery only work in Bangkok though (I’m not quite sure), all other areas will receive an order within 2-10 working days. In my case, I ordered on the 11th while I was in UK and chose a specific time slot to deliver on the 15th so as soon as I arrived Bangkok I knew that I got a package waiting for me at home. For visitor in Thailand, you can even arrange a self-collection at some specific BTS (sky train) stations too! You can find more info in the website www.luxola.co.th

Right so this is what I ordered. I decided to buy only product from Thai brand (except Total Intensity), most of items I want were out of stock so I only got these 4 things 
Here are quick swatches for all 4 items I bought :

❤︎ Paponk (Thai Brand) The Laughter’s whip lip in WL03 Super Happy ฿490. It's liquid lipstick with a creamy texture. It felt to smooth on the lip and dry quite matte with a high-pigmented colour. 
❤︎ Passion Ville (Thai Brand) Cream Blush on the Road in 03 Apricot Road to Yarkand and 04 Road to Utha ฿420 I love all of them. The colour is so pretty. Cream blush from this brand reminds me of Illamasqua cream blush with a smaller price tag. If I knew beford hand that it will be this good I would definitely order more shades.
❤︎ Total Intensity Eyeliner in Fierce Blue ฿302 (original price ฿549). A glittery blue eyeliner. Once it dry it will stay on for a long time. So you can be sure that it will stay put even in hot and humid country.
To sum up, I like this new experience about online shopping in Thailand. The website is so easy to use with many payment and delivery options to suit everyone. I would definitely use it again when I go to Thailand next time :)

Good news for all my readers and followers, I also have a PROMO CODE for you to use for your next visit Luxola.co.th. Just add TLX-KISSME before you make a payment and tah-da 20% off on all product including “sale”. You can use this code from today until 31/07/15

**Exclude Sigma Beauty, SK-II, Laura Mercier and Zoeva**
***Sponsored post***

Let's shop! Happy Shopping Everyone :)


Thursday, 11 June 2015

HAUL : Lipstick & Makeup Organisers

Sawasdee ka~

Sorry guys, I know I haven’t blogged for ages. So first of all I would like to update my current situation for a bit. I’m currently on my final stage of my PhD student life. I’m pretty busy with writing up my thesis. So I might not be able to write blogpost that often now. BUT I still often update my Facebook so this is another alternative way to keep in touch with me.

Okay enough ranting. Let’s get going. My post this time will be a little bit more special. I got YOUTUBE CHANNEL! This will be first time when you actually see me talking (in Thai -__-“ bit I have subtitle in English though so don’t worry).
As you may know I’m a lipstick junkie. I have more than 100 lipsticks in my collection. Well my usual lipstick box wasn’t look too bad but I actually want a new place for my lovely lipsticks. Recently I just ordered 3 new lipstick and skincare organisers and this is what I’m going to show you today.
The first one is luxury spinning lipstick tower that can fit up to 81 lipsticks. It made from a great strong material however this comes with high cost as well. I bought it for £64 from Amazon http://goo.gl/h64n31. I know it’s pricey but I can tell you it worth the money. I mean if you love your lipstick this organiser can be a good option.
Apart from bullet lipstick I also have loads of liquid lipsticks, chubby lipsticks and lip liners. This is why I also need this round display rack for liquid lipsticks. I got it from eBay http://goo.gl/Yj5tCjIt costs less than £10 pounds so of course material is a lot different from the first organiser I bought.
So now where do I keep the rest of my lipsticks? Here is it my rotating skincare organiser. I also bought this one form eBay for £19 http://goo.gl/ueLOE6. Again material is not so great. A bit hard to spin around but it is quite big to fit all my skincare and also the rest of my lipstick on top. So it’s a space saver.